Auto Attendance

Cost efficiency. 
Enable you to improve your resources utilization's level.
Track your employee whatever he/she Live on Google maps online/offline.
Your employee can start the work trips from his/her home instead of reach your office to sign then start to go out (Time Utilization).
Be sure that your employees are in right place and right time. Monitor and Control your employee's performance and location from anywhere and anytime.

Using mobile device.
Low value cost (HW / SW).
Send a data online or offline.
Upgradable application (on line).
Integrate with your website by URL.
Integrated with any back office application.
Custom setup and reports  as your business needs.
Monitor the drivers online by deferent platform (Web-Mobile).
Using GPS for locations and  3G / 4G (Vodafone - Mobile - Etisalat) or wireless connection to send a data.

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