Who We Are?

LTS ( Live Tracking Systems ) is an Egyptian joint stock company, founded by expertise to deliver the latest technology in our field. LTS management team’s professional background and exposure will enable us to understand, analyze your business requirement which is essential process to customize your needs in business or life. We believe that our success password is combining the accumulated experience with technology in order to provide creative ideas suites all type of industries and business size. We believe that everyone on has a precious dream to be scared, So we started to think about how we can help others to save their dreams anywhere and anytime. LTS created competitive solutions by the latest technology to let you control your dream and start to achieve your goals

ERP- Systems

Manage day-to-day business activities such as accounting, procurement, project management and supply chain operations.

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Faster connectivity to customers and better customer relations.

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provides a comprehensive line of digital video surveillance solutions that are at the forefront of security.

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We Also Provide

Networking & Security

Networking & Security specializes in assessing, designing and implementing network infrastructure and security.

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Mobile Apps


Before you ask about the prices, See the advantages and possibilities that you will get .

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Web Design


New commercial or industrial activity, or you own a small company .

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Tracking Trucks System

we developed our Tracking Trucks Application to let you control your valued assets, goods anywhere and anytime.

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School Tracking System

we developed our School Tracking Application to let you monitoring and controlling your valued assets, students anywhere and anytime.

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Auto Attendance System

Now we provide the innovative solution that will enable you to control & monitor your employee’s performance and location anytime.

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