General Features

  • APEX is a great solution to consolidate spreadsheets, improve data quality and security, reduce duplication and administration and enhance functionality.
  • Fully supported by Oracle, APEX is ideal for developing bespoke EBS modules.
  • Oracle APEX has greatly improved its built-in visual data reporting abilities.
  • APEX is adopted by businesses that recognize the value of keeping costs down and simplifying technical solutions to deliver
  • business requirements. Simply put, by using APEX you can develop complex systems at up to 1/4 of the time it takes for an equivalent Java deployment – with no loss of functionality. It’s stable, it scales, and it’s secure while exploiting all the features of the Oracle Database.
  • Dashboards provide a central location for users to access, interact and analyze up-to-date information so they can make smarter, data-driven decisions. Good dashboard software enables you to monitor and measure performance and metrics in real-time and on the go. You can visualize and analyze data and focus on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from across the organization on a dashboard, helping you gain valuable insight and drive quick and accurate decision making.

Data Handling

  • APEX offers all the capabilities available in Microsoft BI and Oracle BI.
  • Possibility to design on request
  • APEX Applications support multiple user interfaces:Desktop and Smartphone; Desktop only; or just Mobile.
  • Apex is a free product from Oracle.
  • It makes it easy for APEX to handle the rules of other Databases seamlessly.

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