Let’s check What are the Benefits of Apps


  • Faster Operation
  • Personalized experience
  • Online and Offline Capacities
  • Utilize Device Features
  • Instant Updates and Notification
  • Branding Possibilities
  • Affordability and Productivity
  • Enhanced User Interaction
  • Advanced Optimization Possibility


  • Using mobile device.
  • Low value cost (HW / SW).
  • Send a data online or offline.
  • Upgradable application (on line).
  • Integrate with your website by URL.
  • Integrated with any back office application.
  • Custom setup and reports as your business needs.
  • Monitor the drivers online by deferent platform (Web-Mobile).
  • Using GPS for locations and 3G / 4G (Vodafone – Mobile – Etisalat) or wireless connection to send a data.

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